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7 great reasons you should stop reading numbered lists on how to increase your blogging success

1. They are usually recycled material. When was the last time you read one with an item you had not already read somewhere else?

2. They are tricks used by unoriginal writers who are trying to boost hits. Just about every article giving out blogging advice says you should use the numbered list format. Search engines like them and people cannot help gravitating towards them.

3. You can bet that if they use a nice round number like ten, at least a few of the points are filler (if not all of them…see point 1).

4. They waste your time. You should be writing instead. Or reading something original (see point 2).

5. The more of them you click on, the more “experts” will keep promoting them, the more bloggers (who never had much to contribute in the first place) will keep producing them, and the more you will end up reading them. (Is this what they meant by the circle of life?)

6. When you are actually quite serious about increasing your blogging effectiveness and income, you might be drawn in and end up reading lists created by bloggers who don’t take blog marketing seriously.

7. If everyone is reading these numbered lists that means there is no advantage to doing so. You can’t lead if you only follow.

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