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Ximena Sariñana

Just discovered this song and am quite taken with the singer’s brilliant and yet unadorned vocal style. She is free of that godawful up and down warbling on any held notes that seems to have been the rage for the last decade or so in pop female vocals. She exhibits not only a wonderful clarity but also that access to the grit that the best female singers have (see Joan Osborne or of course Bjork).

I also heard some snippets from her latest cd which is English language and found I did not like it that much. I’ve had this happen before many times (also prefer Spanish only Shakira). I’ve also had something similar happen in film.

When the song or movie is in another language it seems deeper. This is not because it is but because when it is your native language you are much more aware of any shortcomings. This singer’s lyrics in English are nothing in special but to hear the Spanish (and understand just the odd word here and there) highlights the voice and music much more, and if that voice and music are good, it soars even higher.

This is also why I dislike so much rap. Because the emphasis is so strongly on the words, and since very few writers are worth really listening to, if they are anything less than extraordinary, who cares? I realize this is a gross generalization and I have heard some good rap but it does seem to be a genre as full of crap as any other. (I would actually say more so since so much of it is not only commodified but hymns to consumerism and exploitation).

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