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Alley Project #1

One city backalley block – five minutes – ten pictures….downtown Edmonton (in the order of my walk)

Not so much retro as old. Beneath the sign sometimes an open door with a remarkable unknown piece of machinery.

Between two buildings this appears across the street.

Chez Pierre. One of the oldest strip clubs in the city. Not sure if it anything more than signage now.

Shades of Edward Hopper.

The world needs more graffiti. Edmonton has a city crew that removes some very interesting stuff. This isn’t anything special but what’s an alley without it.

A duct out of water. My most enthralling discovery.

Shadows give weight.

Duct straight on and crumpled. Who could ask for more?

And that damned duct one more time. I could come back to this spot.

Stairs verging on being a Barnett Newman.

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