Errata: mea culpa (re Cartier-Bresson)

Almost two years ago I wrote a post about Cartier-Bresson and Isabelle Huppert and it seems I attributed a picture to Bresson that is not one of his.

Though I did find the photograph online and identified as a Bresson, the fact that it was one that I was not familiar with (which attracted me to it) even though I had gone through a number of his collected works intrigued me enough to post it as a find.

I should have known better knowing how bad the net is in general for information.

A much better authority, someone from the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris let me know that this picture did not exist in their archives.

I thank her for the correction.

She is also looking to see if she can find the author of the photograph in question (see the original post at the top) because Bresson or not, it is a brilliant photograph.

6 comments on “Errata: mea culpa (re Cartier-Bresson)

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  2. Thank you so much i was just about to use this for my assignment! its such an amazing photograph though i wish it was by him 😦 thank you again!! 🙂

  3. Hi there, I am the author of this picture! It been in 2007 in Nida, Lithuania.

  4. A Girl and a Dog – is not the work of Cartier Bresson – it should be removed from this collection. The picture was taken by Lithuanian-born Andrej Vasilenko on a beach at Nida, a town on the Curonian Spit, while on a photo assignment. The girl is Miglė Narbutaitė, at the time a fellow photography student at the Vilnius Academy of Art. In fact, if you look closely, you can see that the girl is wearing very modern trainers, and standing beside an equally modern backpack. Cartier-Bresson retired from photography in the early 1970s and only took a few private portraits subsequently. Even though he died years before the above picture was snapped, he still gets the credit.

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