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Wes Anderson – ok this one is good.

I was a big fan of Wes’ first feature Bottle Rocket and Rushmore wasn’t bad but I found his subsequent features all too twee. This one Grand Budapest Hotel (though still a wonderment of surfaces does resonate somewhat). It reminds me of that intriguing genre of English gentleman adventure stories where the driver is the sensibility (the code of ethics).  At one point Ralph Fiennes has unloaded on his Lobby Boy but the when his “boy” has described his circumstance and Ralph realizes he is in the wrong he without reservation apologizes it seems while right still a bit antiquated. To rather than backtrack and excuse but to simply bow to an accepted code seems strange and yet so desirable in this age of relativism.  He realizes he is wrong and he is admits it.

Though I have little truck with religion I do have an appreciation of higher values – in this case the gentleman’s code of behavior.

Its a very good film – good story (feels so literary and that’s always a good thing)  – great casting except for Edward Norton who has the right face but the wrong voice for the part.

And I welcome feedback on this point – I feel that this was of a genre with the Coen Brothers. Lighter but visually just brought them to mind.

Also I wonder will viewers of the future get the sense of this?

Plus did anyone else shudder at the smashing of what is most likely (certainly looks like) an Egon Schiele? And question 3: why does it bother us  (I am assuming- -it bothers me) when art works are destroyed on film?


One comment on “Wes Anderson – ok this one is good.

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