Wes Anderson – ok this one is good.

I was a big fan of Wes’ first feature Bottle Rocket and Rushmore wasn’t bad but I found his subsequent features all too twee. This one Grand Budapest HotelĀ (though still a wonderment of surfaces does resonate somewhat). It reminds me of that intriguing genre of English gentleman adventure stories where the driver is the sensibility […]

Thinking about Sculpture 5: The Kiss

About a century ago a sculpture know as the Ain Sakhri Lovers was found near Bethlehem. It is about 11,000 years old (I ran across this in The History of the World in 100 Objects). As described, this piece is about the size of a fist, and when viewed from other angles can resemble the […]

Thinking about Sculpture 4: Or why sculpture is more like photography than painting

This is a rumination on perspective. A few years ago I visited a gallery in Prague which showcased medieval paintings and I was struck by the poverty of the form due to its lack of perspective. It was like only having access to monophonic muxic. What was the point? The laws of perspective were still […]

Thinking about Sculpture 3: Odes to weight

In a sense, sculptures are hymns to gravity. In comparison, painting is almost a virtual art. Of course, artists of both persuasions have attempted to incorporate elements of the other. Painters like Picasso or de Kooning (see below) and many others have brought a sculptural sensibility to the flat rendering. Others have strengthened the physical […]

Thinking about Sculpture 2: Size matters

The oldest piece of figurative sculpture found to date was this recently discovered in Germany and thought to be about 36000 years old. Really amazing but for me not really something that rings my aesthetic chimes. When it comes to human representation I can tolerate abstraction but prefer a near human size right up to […]

Thinking about Sculpture 1: Modern sculpture can give a wrong impression

I might be contributing some text to an art catalogue/book by a sculptor and in order to fine tune some of my themes and thoughts thought it might be useful to rough them out on the page here. Though I suspect I do not pull that many readers (not to mention sculpture-oriented readers) I do […]

Art Safari: Season 2

Having now watched the rest more thoughts arose. One of the artists featured is Takashi Murakami who in contrast to many of the artists in the last series is extremely articulate about his work. His manga based work is a criticism of modern Japanese consumer culture – he calls it superflat to refer to the […]