Phillip Wollen: Animals should be off the menu

I have some reservations about what he says but he does make some very good points….”when we suffer we suffer as equals”….my major reservation is that the problem with humanity is not so much its actions which any species would do…its not that we are worse but simply that there are so many of us….at […]

One reason I am glad to live in Canada

My critique of capitalism summed up in a sign

Video ode to coffee

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything (TED)

Cellphones in movie theatres?

Many years ago I attended the Toronto Film Festival and what amazed me almost as much as the films was that the moment the curtain went up and the credits started the audience was utterly silent. They were actually paying attention. Wow! Though my theatre experience varies quite a bit from noise all the way […]

David Nutt lecture: drug use, policy and prohibition

I don’t agree with everything he says but overall this is brilliant for anyone interested in the issue of drug use and prohibition, and particularly the varying legal and media responses to drugs. What I find a little uneven is his quasi-prohibitionism regarding alcohol while being much more open minded about illegal drugs. Part of […]

Jaron Lanier, again.

I do like hearing what this man has to say. In a recent article in the NewYorker: At the South by Southwest Interactive conference, in Austin, in March of 2010, Lanier gave a talk, before which he asked his audience not to blog, text, or tweet while he was speaking. He later wrote that his […]


Design: 2 films and ramblings

Just finished watching Objectified The speaker is Rob Walker who writes the Consumed column at the NYT. This short excerpt does not contain the most interesting insight I think he brought to this film which was that when people buy a car (for instance) it is not so much that they are trying to project […]