Natural Dog Photography

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My other blog

Its been just over a month since I started my Dog A Day blog, and just thought I would promote it a little here. Every picture is one I’ve taken and hopefully not too many will end up being my own dog, the most handy subject of course. So I guess the point is if […]

Winter trees and dog

I used to carry lenses with but now decide on one, come what may. Partly after my hefting cleaning bill it makes it less likely for dust to make it inside but also because I like the idea of shooting with limits -having no choice but, as in this case, the long lens. And my […]

Black dog, black water

This was a bit of serendipity. My very white dog and I were out for our daily survey of the valley and ended up walking along with a woman and her two dogs, one of them being the black one below. While the other mottled one stuck with her this one explored afield. I was […]

Another view of the Siberian

Two more of the dog

Still playing with multiple exposures but these are a little less intrusive(?). Have to leave the dog some dignity some of the time.