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Wes Anderson – ok this one is good.

I was a big fan of Wes’ first feature Bottle Rocket and Rushmore wasn’t bad but I found his subsequent features all too twee. This one Grand Budapest Hotel (though still a wonderment of surfaces does resonate somewhat). It reminds me of that intriguing genre of English gentleman adventure stories where the driver is the sensibility […]

Three movies: All is Lost – The Counselor – Museum Hours

This week I watched three very different but good movies – all radical in some way. All is Lost Redford plays an old man (he’s in his 70s, not sure how old the character is supposed to be) trying to survive a disaster at sea.  It follows the eight days of his waking from sleep […]

dvd of the week: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Casey Affleck adds another interesting film to his resume – after Gone Baby Gone and Killer Inside Me this is another keeper. Rooney Mara, Ben Foster and Keith Carradine are all good but the real star here is the cinematography (courtesy of Bradford Young). As with so many films not sure where the credit for […]

Blade Runner takes place in 2019

Boy, are we behind schedule!

Brilliant bit of editing: Pulp Fiction remix

No Way Out film trailer: bad but monumentally so

Cellphones in movie theatres?

Many years ago I attended the Toronto Film Festival and what amazed me almost as much as the films was that the moment the curtain went up and the credits started the audience was utterly silent. They were actually paying attention. Wow! Though my theatre experience varies quite a bit from noise all the way […]