Phillip Wollen: Animals should be off the menu

I have some reservations about what he says but he does make some very good points….”when we suffer we suffer as equals”….my major reservation is that the problem with humanity is not so much its actions which any species would do…its not that we are worse but simply that there are so many of us….at […]

Video ode to coffee

Some product placement and then flowers

A little known brand that should have a higher profile. Inexpensive but tastes as clear as can be. Distilled five times they say, and recommended for cocktails but this is just fine half frozen and straight. The flowers I found just down the street from where I live.

Peche Mortel

Just had to plug what I think is the best stout in the land. Its very dark, very dense, and a bit bitter. Put it this way…if you like dark chocolate and dark roasted coffee, you should like this and at 9.5% alcohol one bottle is quite satisfying. I’ve been drinking this on and off […]

Mitchell and Webb have a go at Vegetarianism & Homeopathy

The boys from Peep Show in an earlier incarnation: on vegetarianism on homeopathy

Unconnected readings and ruminations..

eye of horse 1. FemiNoshing: Why can’t even female TV cooks be fat? via Sirens Not a long post but a great question. 2. The Death of Macho Manly men have been running the world forever. But the Great Recession is changing all that, and it will alter the course of history. via Foreign Policy […]

Lazy blogger

Need something to read? Head on over to my food blog and join me in an encounter with an entertaining and thoughtful, and utterly original essay about food and sex. Just step this way to Is food the new sex?…. And check out this trailer for Jeremy Piven’s new The Goods; the first scene is […]