David Nutt lecture: drug use, policy and prohibition

I don’t agree with everything he says but overall this is brilliant for anyone interested in the issue of drug use and prohibition, and particularly the varying legal and media responses to drugs. What I find a little uneven is his quasi-prohibitionism regarding alcohol while being much more open minded about illegal drugs. Part of […]

After the war on drugs

Ethan Nadelmann: Fighting the war against the war on drugs

Ethan Nadelmann: “Right now the wind is at our back” from Hungarian Civil Liberties Union on Vimeo. Opening speech of Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance at the 2009 Drug Reform Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Always enjoy this man’s speeches and as always there is a little summary of the history […]

Mitchell and Webb have a go at Vegetarianism & Homeopathy

The boys from Peep Show in an earlier incarnation: on vegetarianism on homeopathy

Drunk breastfeeders, guns required

I’ll be getting back to Cambodia soon but in the meanwhile, a few thought provoking news items. 1. via JoinTogether: Debate on Charging Woman with Breast Feeding while Drunk (original here). Unless she has a history of dropping the child, or perhaps driving while she is breastfeeding, I once again wonder at the industriousness of […]

Garbage in the streets and on the screen…

See DailyDose for this and other pictures of the garbage strike in Toronto. And speaking of garbage, the other night I could not sleep and ended up watching some extraordinarily bad television. Bad televsion like good television is hardly news but this was worth a rant I thought. First up was Groomer Has It. This […]

Is it just me?

I’m back. Above, is a Joan Miro sculpture that stands outside the Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona. In later posts I will be writing about all that but my energy level is still a little under par, (great trip but bad sleeps), and I have my roughly 800 photos to organize, over 1000 postings for […]