The sabbatical is over…first a musical interlude

Been going through a lot of new music and some older. Part of the time I have been revisiting jazz. My first jazz record was Keith Jarrett and Gary Burton and at the time I was unaware of Jarrett’s participation in Charles LLoyd‘s group. Just recently I ran across this very swinging tune from LLoyd […]

Regina Spektor and other new music

I haven’t posted about music in a while but this one caught my ear. The latest Regina Spektor (What We Saw From the Cheap Seats)is very worth the purchase. This song below stuck out because if the voice was stripped out and we had just the structure, the lyrics, the melody and the instrumentation, I […]

Fiona Apple sings Elvis Costello’s I Want You

Jerome Charyn: Big River Man (and Tord Gustavsen)

It is only because I was rereading Jerome Charyn’s El Bronx that I started seeing how perfect Big River Man would have been as one of his bizarre narratives. At the age of 53, Slovenian distance swimmer Martin Streil swam the entire length of the Amazon (5268 kilometres). He had already swum the length of […]

Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen: new songs

Great video and the best thing I’ve heard from Young in ages. If this is typical of the cd, its a go. Brilliant cover of Oh Susannah. anybody else here shades of Shocking Blue’s Venus in this? And then Bruce. Maybe not my favourite Springsteen song but what struck me right off the bat was […]


New tune from the Black Keys

Will be writing soon but in the meanwhile: