Phillip Wollen: Animals should be off the menu

I have some reservations about what he says but he does make some very good points….”when we suffer we suffer as equals”….my major reservation is that the problem with humanity is not so much its actions which any species would do…its not that we are worse but simply that there are so many of us….at […]

My brother’s cactus

Climate change: thinking beyond carbon capture

I recently ended up exchanging a few twitters regarding the whole climate change debate and though more than enough has cluttered the e-waves about it already I had not yet seen my own take on it. First of all my position is that: 1. There is incontrovertible evidence that climate change is real (the world […]

Flying near a black hole (New Scientist) and odd animals

Just more wonders of the universe… and also from New Scientist : The 12 coolest animals of 2010 For instance this olm A blind little amphibian with translucent skin – once thought to be an infant dragon – offers valuable clues in the quest for the elixir of life. The olm is a small salamander […]

Three more alpaca pics

White alpaca: three pictures

Lyre Bird

You know how you thought you had already put up something a long time ago but didn’t?  This is one of those.  While I’m here, if you do not already own his Planet Earth and Blue Planet series…something is very wrong.