Ok yes it has been ages…

I can offer only as excuses 1. life has been unusually busy 2. who reads these things anyway 3. I have a problem with free content undermining creative work but am caving due to not having enough people around here to discuss these things with. More time has been spent in front of the screen […]

dvd of the week: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Casey Affleck adds another interesting film to his resume – after Gone Baby Gone and Killer Inside Me this is another keeper. Rooney Mara, Ben Foster and Keith Carradine are all good but the real star here is the cinematography (courtesy of Bradford Young). As with so many films not sure where the credit for […]

Book of the week

OK I am back. Apart from all the usual rants and diversions I hope to each week do a book of, a cd of, and a dvd of, the week. So let’s start with the book. I’ve always been an adventurous reader but i am coming more and more to appreciate the non-experimental novel well […]

Framed reflections

Wandering down my back alley after the rains.. Shooting into the water collected on the pavement..