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Thinking about Sculpture 2: Size matters

The oldest piece of figurative sculpture found to date was this recently discovered in Germany and thought to be about 36000 years old. Really amazing but for me not really something that rings my aesthetic chimes. When it comes to human representation I can tolerate abstraction but prefer a near human size right up to […]

Manhattan, Vicki Cristinia Barcelona, and Midnight in Paris

Though I find Woody Allen to be somewhat inconsistent, overall he is one of the film makers whose new films I still look forward to. Recently I watched Manhattan again, and while it not long ago would have held a place in my top ten, I found it not unlike a favourite t-shirt – comfortable […]


Steve Martin’s Shopgirl is not what you would call an epic film, more something along the lines of a little treasure. Its one of those small films where everything is done just right. My one small hesitation would be the casting of Jason Schwarzman but that probably is more just a quirk of mine than […]